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Milan is not only center to Europe’s most dynamic fashion industry. It is also known for  its love for style, art and design. And while Milan Fashion Week is one of the hottest ‘’must visit’’ attractions on the list of tourists from all over the globe, many head out on a trip just to attend Milan Design Faie, this year taking place in the period April 9-14 in Milan.

Every year,  Cosmit Company hosts the International Interior Design Fair and attracts more than 300,000 international visitors who attend it to check out  dynamic innovations in design, style and modern furniture.

Interior designers from all over the world attend the fair to present their trendy creative concepts. Amateur designers sign up for the event to network with high-end professionals. Visitors just go there to relish futuristic interior design ideas.

Besides the amazing networking opportunities it offers,  the event is a fabulous union of design, art, style  and architecture. It will provide visitors with  tons of great food and the opportunity to enjoy the sight of aesthetically pleasing design products. No matter if you look for fresh design ideas for your home or office,  or just seek an uplifting creative adventure, the Interior Design Fair will leave you satisfied.

Design experts will be glad to present their marvelous ideas to you and hear your opinion!

My name is Petia Dimitrova and I hold a master's degree in Communications and Journalism from Indiana University - Bloomington. I work for several publications in Rome, New York City and Canada. I travel between Rome, Milan and New York, and speak 4 languages. My hobbies include writing, books, magazines, travel, fashion and foreign cultures. I love to work on travel, fashion and art pieces!