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  • My name is Petia Dimitrova and I hold a master's degree in Communications and Journalism from Indiana University - Bloomington. I work for several publications in Rome, New York City and Canada. I travel between Rome, Milan and New York, and speak 4 languages. My hobbies include writing, books, magazines, travel, fashion and foreign cultures. I love to work on travel, fashion and art pieces!

Photoshow, The Art of Photography

What a better way to appreciate the art of image-making than visiting a glamorous photography exhibit in Milan, the city […]

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Club PLASTIC, Dance Your Heart Away

Everyone in Milan who plans to spend their evening  in a  world-class setting with cosmopolitan vibe should definitely check out […]

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Pasticceria Biffi, The Sweetness of Classical Milan

For an exciting experience of Milan’s true classical coffee culture, visit Pasticceria biffi, named after owner Paolo Biffi who opened […]

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Fioraio Bianchi Caffè

Do you want to taste amazing Milanese flavors, while indulging yourself in the charming atmosphere of a former flower shop? […]

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Bar della Crocetta, The World of Panini

Its name says it all: welcome to an world where art meets food, or at least where the world of […]

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Milan Interior Design Fair in April

Milan is not only center to Europe’s most dynamic fashion industry. It is also known for  its love for style, […]

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Depeche Mode Concert in July

If you want to enjoy the uplifting sounds of one of the most iconic musical groups of modern times, Depeche […]

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Bruce Springsteen Concert in June

The legendary San Siro Stadium in Milan will host another fabulous concert that will appeal a lot to the city’s […]

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Naviglio Summer Festival

The Naviglio Festival in the first days of June marks the advent of summer in Milan! The Naviglio Festival, featuring […]

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