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Amy is gone with her big long hair, leaving a legendary name and several hits behind. As it is said that the more she raises her hair, the greater is her desperation.
Without doubt she has a extraordinary life, strong feelings and a unique story. A story which may be considered suffering from being too humanistic or guilty to love too much. As she said: “Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing but I know what love is”. A story which is tragically unique but at the same time so common in the ‘show business’.

However, ever since there has been told many things about this story. And here is one of those, may be called a tribute. To investigate how the life extremely close to the burnout. And how easily consumable.

The play Amy&Blake alternates between moments of spoken word, singing and physical actions. The research that builds it through the use of the whole body, of his dance movement, coded, reproduced and concrete, the quotation from the world of the story, an overlapping of successive layers and contradictory, images, gestures, songs, of words. 

design: Alice Conti
look dull: Sabino Civilleri
on stage: Alice Conti, Enrico Ballardini
original dramaturgy: Alice Conti, Chiara Zingariello
lights and sound: Petra Throop
costumes and wigs: Eleonora Duse
video: Joseph Glielmi



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Born in Istanbul. Grown up there. Studied landscape architecture. Worked. Liked being student more. Moved in Milan. Studies architecture. Likes design, graphics and illustrations. Enjoys, shares and writes. Life is fun, takes it easy.

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