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The legendary San Siro Stadium in Milan will host another fabulous concert that will appeal a lot to the city’s multi-cultural music lovers. On 3 of June, the grandiose stadium will turn into a dynamic arena of the mythic rocker Bruce Springsteen. The rock guru will be a special guest to San Siro for the fifth time.

Many of Springsteen’s fans define the forthcoming concert as the event of the year and look forward to singing together with this famous musician.

He will present a high-quality sound, along with his fabulous old and new musical pieces. His very own E Street Band travels with him and copies the fabulous rhythm of rock and roll!!

Keep in mind that you might have to book tickets early as they have been a very hot item for both locals and tourists all over Europe in the past decade.  You will not regret your experience. The performer and his band are legendary!


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