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If you want to enjoy the uplifting sounds of one of the most iconic musical groups of modern times, Depeche Mode, mark  your calendars for 18 July 2013.  The summer concert will be part of the group’s worldwide tour and it will take place in San Siro Stadium in Milan.

With this dynamic tour, Depeche Mode intends to make a powerful comeback and present its newly-released album for the joy of its numerous fans. All long-time fans of the band will be happy to hear them playing live. Enjoy the musical trio’s fabulous hits in one of the world’s most trendy and exciting cities.

The band’s unique electro pop sounds will certainly appeal to most age groups, including teenagers.  Depeche Mode intend to play their newest songs, along with their most popular musical pieces in July. Scenic effects, together with amazing music sounds, will create a memorable experience for all fans.

Dave Cahan, Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore will unite forces to make a great show! The trio will do their best to entertain you and lift your spirits to the max. Equip yourself with tickets early!

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