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Giselle the ballet is a spectacular ballet show in La Scala not to miss!

“A sunny world of simple parties, spontaneous joy, and a mysterious, dark and terrible world in which spirits reign. A story of love, betrayal and redemption in which the protagonists have to alter the technical and expressive register in the choreographic development from happiness to desperation, from carefree self-mastery to awareness that life has no purpose without love.

Giselle encompasses all the elements of the romantic ballet, lifting them into a universal story and a structure that exemplifies tradition. The Coralli-Perrot masterpiece, with the settings by Aleksandr Benois from La Scala’s repertoire, lives on in the choreographic version staged by Yvette Chauviré, who with the refinement of roles like Giselle has managed to enhance classical tradition in all its purity.” from the press release.

Choreography: Jean Coralli – Jules Perrot
Choreographic revival: Yvette Chauviré
Music: Adolphe Adam
Conductor: Alessandro Ferrari
Sets and costumes: Aleksandr Benois
recreated by Angelo Sala and Cinzia Rosselli



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