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An interactive and multimedia journey to the discovery of the Renaissance Genius. Interactive machines, physical models, manuscripts and drawings: the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci is on display from March 1 to July 31,  inside Milan’s prestigious Sale del Re in Piazza della Scala, has already sold over 40,000 tickets in its first 40 days.

This is the most important interactive and interdisciplinary exhibit ever dedicated to artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci and his ingenious machines. The show has been awarded a state prize by the President of Italy and is supported by the Municipality of Milan.

The tour is an exciting journey in the creations of the Master Renaissance engineering, including  inventions such as the suggestive Harpsichord-Viola, the Mechanical Lion and Robot-Car and experience in 3D.

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Fees : €12 (full price), €11 (students and reduced price), €10 (groups), €9 (children), €6 (school groups)