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Gelato will be the main attraction in Milan from May 31 to June 2, 2013. Gelato Festival will be stopping off in the capital of the Lombardy region to promote the best of the Italian gelato-making tradition and spread ice cream culture.

In Milan, the roadshow, devised by the creators of the Firenze Gelato Festival and involving the best gelato makers and the main companies in the sector from Italy and abroad, will celebrate the beginning of the “modern phase” of ice cream. It was 1906 when in Milan’s coffee bars people began to eat what were called “parigine” or “nuvole“, consisting of a portion of gelato compressed between two round, square or rectangular wafers, the earliest forerunners of our ice cream cones. Tradition has it that the “parigine” were created by Giovanni Torre, who invented these first wafers on his way back from Paris (hence the name). Owing to the light weight and the convenience of eating gelato enclosed between two wafers, ice cream began to be sold on the streets of Milan, and from there went on to conquer the world.

If you are a gelato lover or even never tried an Italian one, here you are the most sweet event of the year!



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