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The Naviglio Festival in the first days of June marks the advent of summer in Milan!

The Naviglio Festival, featuring amazing folk sounds and talented local performers, will make your transition from gorgeous spring to hot summer  more entertaining.   Dances, theatrical events and musical performances will render your night fabulous. Navigli is the city’s antique shopping center and during the event, it features stands with artfully handmade souvenirs for sale.

During the festival, you will be able to stroll down the illuminated streets and listen to amazing musical sounds, while enjoying a true fabulous early summer evening!

You should book your accommodation in the area early if you’d like to attend the festival. The area gets crowded in that time period.  One of your options is the affordable Hotel La Vignetta, with comfortable, Wi-Fi equipped rooms and just 100 meters away from the Navigli Canals.  Or book the more expensive Maison Borella, right on the canal, known for its elegant-simple 18th century setting.

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