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Are you ready to dress up and party like a rock star in one of the world’s most exciting cities? Lovers of high-quality sound, glamorous social events and bustling crowds should not miss club Alcatraz, a dynamic 3000-square feet night club located in the heart of Milan. In this ultra-chic discotheque, you will have the chance to relish in the sounds of some of the best music that the world has to offer and become part of incredible DJ events and exciting spectacles.   Live music and the exceptional shows of world-famous performers such as the Jacksons, Crystal Castles and the Darkness allure locals and tourists for a thrilling night out on the town.

Typical entrance fees range from €20 to €35, depending on the night and the performer. If you want to dance under the sounds of rock, choose Saturday night for your visit and mingle with hipsters and rock-and-roll fans. With  a dance floor with capacity for 1500-1700 people, the place gets crowded and busy over the weekend. If you are not into rock-and-roll, you should attend the place on a Friday night for a mix of the hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s.  Super modern, techno decors intensify the spectacular setting and invite you to dance the night away in this fantastic party place.


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