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If you want to sense the true spirit of Milan and try its delicious authentic cuisine, you should put Antica Trattoria della Pesa on your ‘’must visit’’ list. Located on one of Milan’s most iconic streets, Corso Como, this old-school restaurants opened its doors in 1880 and since then has attracted vibrant local crowds and curious tourists.

If you are lucky, you may come across some of its most popular regulars, including the high-end fashion designer Giorgio Armani and the respected gallery owner Carla Sozzani.

Truly classical wood paneling, combined with belle epoc furnishings, allure you inside for a relaxing evening of all-Italian  classical dishes and an infinite choice of aromatic wines. A focal point of old-time Milanese traditions, the restaurant offers the fantastic faraone in carpiono, juicy cotechino sausage served on whipped potatoes, and the yummy zabaglione for dessert. You can also order bollito misto (boiled meat) and cotoletta (crumbed veal cutlets)

Visitors can also purchase the traditional  thin Milanese veal cutlet for €27, or may opt for the tasty Risotto alla Milanese for €15.

No matter what your final choice is, the cuisine will certainly impress you!

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