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Its name says it all: welcome to an world where art meets food, or at least where the world of inspiration blends with the amazing universe of deli sandwiches. Bar della Crocetta, located in Milan’s historical center, features a delicious menu of more than 100 panini, each with its own unique flavor, but ready and waiting to be customized by the hungry customer.

The list of ingredients and mixes that you’ll find at Bar Della Crocetta is amazing – from  prosciutto to deer ham, various fish and cheeses, mushroom, egg, fresh veggies.  The setting is casual and welcoming.

You can use this infinity of ingredients to create the sandwich that will appeal most to your culinary tastes. Top it off with a dressing of your choice, including chilli, barbecue, tartar and cocktail sauce.

Get ready to choose from a detailed seven-page listing of mouth-watering panini (grilled sandwiches), the Alé! (salami, prosciutto, scamorza cheese, arugula, hearts of palm) and the Zia (bresaola, fresh mozzarella, tomato, lettuce).

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