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California Bakery is one of the many “American”-style places that flourished in the last few years in Milan. They all have their specialty, but the California Bakery seems to have it all: desserts, burgers, bagels, homemade bread, granola and every type of coffee you may desire. All the interiors of the locations are designed in the same way: very rustic and simple. You get the feeling that you’re having lunch in your country home far away from the hectic city life.

While a lot of bars/restaurants in Milan close right after lunch until just before dinner, at California Bakery you can get a table from eight in the morning until midnight. They also do home and office deliveries and they even create personalized cakes and cupcakes on assignment!

I personally love the brunch that they do on weekends (mind: not all locations offer the brunch). You should make reservations a few days ahead since it’s really popular! I like the concept that they use when you come for the brunch. You get to choose from all different kinds of “plates” that they set up on the menu. They are all accompanied by fresh orange juice, a selection of their homemade bread, sauces of choosing and American filtered coffee. The set up of the “plates” differ from a variation of burger, omelette, pancake and sandwich plates. Next to this you can choose from a number of sides like french fries or a salad.

It’s not the cheapest place to have lunch but you really get what you pay for. The ingredients are fresh and they work very fast. My favorite lunch order is one of their many bagels, that come freshly-baked from the neighbors: The Bagel Factory. 

Melissa - Born and raised in my beautiful hometown of Amsterdam, I studied in Milan for one semester during my Mediastudies degree and fell in love with the city! So when I graduated I decided to move back and here I am writing about my favourite places in Milan!