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Corso Buenos Aires is basically the long major street full of shops and some cafés consist of mostly 19th – 20th century architecture on it. It is about 1.2 km long and located on the north-east of the city. The street starts from the Porta Venezia neighborhood and ends in Piazzale Loreto.

The atmosphere is really nice along the whole street even though it is always busy and crowded. It is one of the most busiest streets in Milan. This big street is the first destination if you’d like to make an economical shopping with the common commercial brands, ready-to-wear collections, comparing with the high fashion brands in the other districts of Milan. If you don’t want to leave Milan without a proper shopping, Corso Buenos Aires is the address to visit! However there are no haute couture or high fashion brands like Prada, Dolce&Gabanna, etc. here. But for the casual shopping this street is the first stop because anytime you get tired of walking the cafés and bars are welcoming you to have a nice break.

Reaching there is quite easy by metro, any stop in red line from Loreto until Porta Venezia will head you there. After taking off you’ll directly get the spirit of the street easily! There are also trams crossing the street like 33,23,5.



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