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Foresta Woodbar is one of the newest aperitivo bars in the neighborhood of Porta Ticinese. The décor is inspired by nature, it’s very original and the place just looks amazing. When you enter in the back room, the left wall is made of bamboo and wood, while the right wall is made of industrial metal doors and glass windows. Outside, behind these glass windows it’s green again, with plants and small trees. Somehow you get the feeling you’re having a drink in a greenhouse.

The cocktails took a while to arrive, but they’re very well made! Next to the classic choices, they had a menu of around ten cocktails of their own creations. If you’re not afraid of fluorescent caviar floating in your drink, I recommend the Nature Identity. Although this cocktail list was mainly adjustments on famous cocktails, so not the most original list, they were so well made that you forget it tastes like one you already know.

The aperitivo was not as large as you would expect in a crowded bar like this, but the quality of the food was very good and the dishes kept changing with every round. In most aperitivo bars, at the end of the evening when the apertivio hours come to an end, they put one of two dessert plates next to the leftover foods and when that finishes everything is lifted from the bar and they don’t serve any other food anymore. I loved the fact that at Foresta Woodbar, at around eleven, the entire food counter gave way to a dessert counter. I lost count halfway trough but I guess there were around ten to fifteen different kinds of dessert. If you weren’t convinced before, I think this is a good reason to have your dinner here.

Although it’s relatively new, the bar is pretty popular so if you’re coming with a big group make sure you make a reservation.

Melissa - Born and raised in my beautiful hometown of Amsterdam, I studied in Milan for one semester during my Mediastudies degree and fell in love with the city! So when I graduated I decided to move back and here I am writing about my favourite places in Milan!