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If you are looking for a unique club and fascinating atmosphere to go out or at least having an aperitivo (in case that you are still unaware of the aperitivo in Milan check the related article by advance) in a special and unforgettable place, here my favorite in Milan is waiting for you!

Your expectation about it might get lower in the narrow streets heading there, while trying to find the place. Right after reaching, in front of it you’ll feel excited to get into. But after getting in, your feelings will be described as fascinated rather then excited.

Il Gattopardo is an old church turned into a café in 2001. The best timing for this café is going to have an aperitivo and then observing how the café turns into a fantastic club. Talking about the aperitivo, it costs 10 euros for a drink, after paying you are allowed to eat as much as you want from the charming buffet.

Comparing with the other clubs in Milan which are popular by students (Oldfashion, le Banque, Alcatraz etc.) the age average is higher in Gattopardo and it creates a quite mature atmosphere. The giant chandelier in the middle of the church is moving up and down following of the rhythm of the music. This fascinating club is the address to have a spectacular night in Milan.



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