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Do you crave seafood?  Do you want to experience the best of Milan’s exotic sea-inspired menus in an elegant and swanky setting? Then visit Il Navigante, the perfect mix of soft and bold, tradition and novelty,  modernism and classics.

This fabulous seafood restaurant is perfect for lunch, dinner, parties, romantic dates and casual evening with friends. If you hit the place on weekends, you will eat under the sounds of live music. You will remain awe-struck by the unique Aquarium-viewing window, an intriguing representation of what you’ll get in your dish. Dimmed lights, wooden chairs and white table covers intensify the place’s cozy and charming atmosphere.

With its infinity of raw and cooked fish, the restaurant boasts a remarkably delicious menu targeted to the sophisticated tastes of seafood fans. From anchovy pasta with clams , tomatoes, eggplant and  buffalo mozzarella to crayfish salad with pecorino cheese and Fava beans, the offerings are numerous and fabulous. No matter what you order, you will get your dish in a stylish and creative way.

Enjoy the magic of seafood flavors, an integral part of the Italian cuisine at Il Navigante! Do not leave Italy without tasting its incredible seafood.

My name is Petia Dimitrova and I hold a master's degree in Communications and Journalism from Indiana University - Bloomington. I work for several publications in Rome, New York City and Canada. I travel between Rome, Milan and New York, and speak 4 languages. My hobbies include writing, books, magazines, travel, fashion and foreign cultures. I love to work on travel, fashion and art pieces!