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The name already says it: it’s an old warehouse and it still looks like it. Graffiti on the outside, dark and no decor on the inside. It’s a perfect venue for small and intimate techno raves and that’s exactly what magazzini generali is used for.

It’s also one of the few clubs in Milan where you don’t have to dress up for. There’s a typical alternative Milanese crowd that just comes here for the music. On some nights the average age can be pretty young, but if you pick a nice party to go to, the crowd gets better as well. If you’re looking for a gay party to go to, Magazzini Generali launched a new clubnight this year: Magayzzini. It’s your typical gay night with strippers and drag queens on stage, just with better music than the constant Rihanna/Madonna tunes an average gay party offers!

It’s also a venue for small Rock/Indie concerts. Because of the rather small space, it gives way for an intimate atmosphere. Last year’s calendar had some pretty impressive names on it. From the techno scene, they had performers like Riccardo Villalobos, Gaiser, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Sven Väth and Chris Liebling. And there were small concerts from, among many others, James Morrison, Fink, James Blake, Maximo Park and the Scissor Sisters. Let’s hope it gives us a promising outlook on this years performances!

Melissa - Born and raised in my beautiful hometown of Amsterdam, I studied in Milan for one semester during my Mediastudies degree and fell in love with the city! So when I graduated I decided to move back and here I am writing about my favourite places in Milan!