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Milan is the place of luxury and high-end fashion. However, not everyone has the budget and privilege to enjoy a shopping spree at the city’s most glamorous boutiques like Armani and Prada. For those of you who would like to buy high-quality Italian goods at friendly prices, Mon Amour Les Chaussures has all that your heart desires – from trendy shoes to chic outfits and avant-garde accessories. The affordability of the products makes no compromise with their quality and you can shop authentic Italian goods and still keep within the limits of your travel budget.

Immerse in the colorful world of joyous clothing options and you will exit the place pleased and exhilarated.

The cozy store offers a rich assortment of shoe brands like Formarina and Irregular Choice, but if you really want one of best deals in town, you should purchase the store’s  own label shoes, ranging from leather pumps to suede boots, all produced in the nearby Vigevano.

You can find the store in the trendy Corso Porta Ticinese location or at its other addresses, Via Cherubini 3 ( Vercelli) and Via Nino Bixio 1 (Viale Piave/Porta Venezia).

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