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For an exciting experience of Milan’s true classical coffee culture, visit Pasticceria biffi, named after owner Paolo Biffi who opened the fabulous place in 1847 for the joy of Milan’s locals and visitors. With old-time chandeliers, smooth wooden panels and classical white curtains, the place is an epitome of the city’s traditional details, reflected in Biffi’s simplistic-elegant interior design, its traditional sweets, aromatic coffee and impeccable old-school customer service.

Once inside, the visitor will find himself in the world of chic ladies, indulging themselves in strong espresso, creamy cappuccino, delicious cream cakes and sugary conversations. Just opposite them are stylish classy professionals who discuss their dynamic routines and exchange business opinions over upscale cocktails at the wooden bar.

Besides its polished classical interiors, the place provides a glimpse of Milan’s very own fascinating local culture.

The Art Noveau glass and the wooden chairs create a cozy and incredibly charming setting. Enjoy your coffee in style at Biffi!

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