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One important thing that you need to know about Italy is they know how to make good coffee ,but they also know how to accompany it with delicious sweets. There is a place you need to visit and taste the various delicious products. Princi is a pasticcerie, which is famous for their breads, sweets and all kind of pastry types.

You can go there at any time of the day, to have a Italian breakfast with cappuccino & croissants; in the lunch time to have some fastfood type pizzas or a proper lunch (since they serve also lunch with a rich buffet of the daily dishes) or for a afternoon snack a piece of cake & coffee.

Inside there is a bar that you can have your coffee and eat there or take away. But get ready for the crowd, as all special places in Milan; they also have a lot of visitors who are impatient to taste the wonders of Princi. My favorites are the cheesecake and the brownies, which are super-delicious, but also the salty species are worth trying.

Princi is quite close to the Duomo Square, has a central location. There are 4 branches in some other parts of the city, as well another branch in London. Prices are various. I recommend you to ask before choosing.



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