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Would you like to see how does the first pizzeria in Milan looks like? The legend says that Spontini is the first pizzeria, which founded in Milan in 1953. It is located on the same named street on Via Gaspare Spontini on Corso Buenos Aires. The specialty of this pizzeria is that they serve ONLY margarita from the first day of their foundation.

This pizza will look different than the classic thin Italian pizzas. It is a fat dough, a delicious tomato sauce on it and with the spectacular mozzarella cheese on the top. Believe me this fatty will change your life! The best companion to the pizza is a big glass of beer! The prices for this couple is reasonable.

The atmosphere is not like a restaurant to spend a lot of time, more like we are here to experience the spectacular taste and leave right after. Don’t expect any decorations or special interior, it is decorated quite simply and basic.

The place is always crowded even with a queue in front of the restaurant. Pizzeria Spontini should be one of the ‘must-go’ stops in Milan, if you would like to try something authentic!



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