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Everyone in Milan who plans to spend their evening  in a  world-class setting with cosmopolitan vibe should definitely check out club Plastic. With its risque interiors and provocative crowds, Plastic can be easily compared to the iconic Studio 54 in New York City.

Exceptional creative concepts, vibrant neon lights, exotic crowds including fashionistas, transsexuals and bi couples – Milan’s hottest night club is kitsch, bold and modernistic.

Plastic could also be described as something in-between the bohemian style of New York City and the liberal spirit of Ibiza.   The club is divided into three major areas: a techno dance floor, a mixed music dance floor and a Privè lounge. Visitors can easily change area if they don’t like the music. Indie rock, electro, ‘sperimental’ and French music are the main music genres presented there.

The club is open until 5 am so you have the whole night ahead of you. Be adventurous and dress in style and in tune with the club’s bold setting. Face control is strict – keep in mind you can get easily rejected at the door with no apparent reason.

My name is Petia Dimitrova and I hold a master's degree in Communications and Journalism from Indiana University - Bloomington. I work for several publications in Rome, New York City and Canada. I travel between Rome, Milan and New York, and speak 4 languages. My hobbies include writing, books, magazines, travel, fashion and foreign cultures. I love to work on travel, fashion and art pieces!