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Every woman has a story. The Rosato concept store in Milan will help you tell your stories through a fantastic plethora of jewels with elegant look and classical charm.

The store features elegant-simplistic decors and brings about the idea of sophisticated femininity and chic  presence. Every small charm produced by Rosato has its own particular look and features a special memory.

The jewels collection includes charms in the form of bags, shoes, hearts, and purses. They are made of  pink, yellow or white gold,  and are often decorated with diamonds. The idea of luxury and high-class approach is omnipresent here. Rosato’s concepts are the product of  the magical combo of hand-made crafts and technological innovation. With its strategic location on one of Milan’s trendiest streets, Via della Spiga, and its brand slogan, Gold is Glam, Rosato is one of Milan’s most fashionable boutiques.

White ceramic walls with holes carved to display an window create an incredible, high-end setting. Gold leaves decorate the rest of the interior. The floor is off white color moquette. A cascade of gold miniatures falls from the ceiling down at the floor and the center of the shop.



My name is Petia Dimitrova and I hold a master's degree in Communications and Journalism from Indiana University - Bloomington. I work for several publications in Rome, New York City and Canada. I travel between Rome, Milan and New York, and speak 4 languages. My hobbies include writing, books, magazines, travel, fashion and foreign cultures. I love to work on travel, fashion and art pieces!