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The Bar Magenta

Situated near the metro station Cadorna and the basilic San’t ambrogio; the Bar Magenta is a great place to stop at every moment of the day: the morning to grab a cup of coffee; at lunch to eat a panini or a main dish; during the afternoon to drink something or in the evening for an aperitivo. I would not recommend the aperitivo though since it is not the best one in town: you can not even take the food yourself which is usually the concept of the buffet!

However, the panini are good and the dishes too. The panini are a little expensive : 5/6 euros but well furnished and fresh made! The dishes cost around 8 euros. Pay attention that you will have to pay a service to the table. So for example if you order your meal; they make you pay and then you want a coffee; you will pay the coffee+ 50 cents of service!

During your break, you can enjoy free wi-fi and/or watch TV.
The bar Magenta is quite big so there are always some tables available. It is also possible to seat outside. During the evening there is some music playing; the mood is cosy. You won’t go there to party but to enjoy a drink with your friends.

On Monday night, there is an animation by a young guy ( actually a friend of mine!): Dr Why, I let you be surprised…

On Thursday night, there is always “musica al vivo” (music on live) from 23.00 to 1/2  o’clock. It is very nice!

Clarisse- I’m a 23 year-old Parisian who studies in a Business School in France. After a semester in Milan as an exchange student, I decided to work there because I loved living there. I now know Milan very well, as I love just wandering in the streets and discovering new things. It is a very dynamic city and there are a lot of places which deserved to be seen. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with you. Also because I love traveling and when I’m in a city abroad I always wonder where would go the locals. So I'll try and advise you the bests spots to be ! What else you might want to know about me? Well, I love fashion and I’m quite gourmet so I’ll recommend you fine restaurants and bars to do the famous aperitivo and to eat the Italian specialties. As I like doing lots of different activities, I try and be informed about what's new so I'll do my best to keep you updated. 😉 Hope you'll find everything you need and have fun!