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A bar to do an ” aperitivo ” : The Cheese Bar

If you do not know what an aperitivo is, check our definition! It is the basic dinner in Milan!

Among all the bars which propose aperitivi, I really like the Cheese bar. It is a small bar situated behind “le colonne”, the place where all young use to meet.  It is not the cheapest one, it will cost you around 10 euros but it is very good and the drinks are quite big!

As cocktails, in addition to the traditional ones, you have Daiquiri, Mojito e Caipirinha at all flavors. My favourite is the Daiquiri “alla mandorla” (at the flavor of almonds).

I also really like this place because the food is very good and there is a huge choice of different things: there are always two kinds of pasta, pizza, some couscous and lots of different salads and vegetables. For the greedy ones, good news: there is also a sweet cake, which varies from the days!

As it is small and very good, it is always crowded so if you want to seat, go there early (around 7 , 7.30 pm). You can eat either inside (and there is some music) or outside, which is very nice in summer time.

At the end of your meal, just go to “le colonne” and have a drink there: it is very cheap!


Clarisse- I’m a 23 year-old Parisian who studies in a Business School in France. After a semester in Milan as an exchange student, I decided to work there because I loved living there. I now know Milan very well, as I love just wandering in the streets and discovering new things. It is a very dynamic city and there are a lot of places which deserved to be seen. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with you. Also because I love traveling and when I’m in a city abroad I always wonder where would go the locals. So I'll try and advise you the bests spots to be ! What else you might want to know about me? Well, I love fashion and I’m quite gourmet so I’ll recommend you fine restaurants and bars to do the famous aperitivo and to eat the Italian specialties. As I like doing lots of different activities, I try and be informed about what's new so I'll do my best to keep you updated. 😉 Hope you'll find everything you need and have fun!