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Tropi & Co opened its doors about a year ago with a complete new look on serving pizza. They have different deals and menus depending on the day or the week, but their concept stays somewhat the same: you pay around 13 euros for a drink and all-you-can-eat pizza.

This is how it works: you only order a drink and for the whole night, waiters come by your table with different flavours of pizza. If you like the sound of it, you get a slice of that pizza. This way you’re not confined to eating one pizza of choice, instead you can try the many traditional and experimental flavours they have to offer.

The concept is new and fun and the restaurant has a nice atmosphere, especially for families. Though if you want to eat a “traditional italian” pizza, I wouldn’t recomment it. The pizzas are made in electric ovens in stead of a stone-oven and you can taste the difference. The strange flavours like gorgonzola and apple or mango and chilli peppers and the fact that your pizza never gets cold halfway through, make it worth a visit!

Melissa - Born and raised in my beautiful hometown of Amsterdam, I studied in Milan for one semester during my Mediastudies degree and fell in love with the city! So when I graduated I decided to move back and here I am writing about my favourite places in Milan!