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Set on Corso Porta Ticinese, in the middle of a million similar restaurants, Ume Sushi is one of the best places to eat sushi in Milan! All-you-can-eat sushi is big business in Milan, so to keep up with competition, the prices are usually pretty low. At Ume you pay a bit more than the usual price, but it’s worth it since the quality is way above the rest of the sushi restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Next to their all-you-can-eat menu, you can also order à la carte. When you choose to order à la carte, besides from their specialty sushi dishes, you can also choose from a large variety of delicious stir-fried noodle or rice dishes and great grilled fish and meat! This sets Ume apart from the other places, because these dishes actually have an authentic Asian taste!

The restaurant seems small from the outside, but behind the kitchen there’s a larger part. The waiting staff is always friendly and the sushi is made freshly in front of you as the kitchen is set in the middle of the restaurant!

Melissa - Born and raised in my beautiful hometown of Amsterdam, I studied in Milan for one semester during my Mediastudies degree and fell in love with the city! So when I graduated I decided to move back and here I am writing about my favourite places in Milan!